We have a saying at Keystone – Our life is dirt™. It really captures the attitude and commitment of the company and our people.

Because our life is dirt. Millions of tonnes of dirt.

We take massive machines, thousands of horsepower, and move the earth – in precise 5 millimetre increments – to build great things. Homes. Communities. Businesses. Institutions. Infrastructure. Mega-projects. Futures.

We take great pride what we do. Because we are the first step in any job, doing it right sets the rest of the job up for success.

It’s a responsibility we take seriously. This is no place for compromise. No time to cut corners. We set the stage for everything else, so we are intent on setting that stage well.

Yes, our life is dirt. It’s under our fingernails and in our blood, along with honour, integrity and professionalism.

So we do it right. Because everything rests on your excavation.