When you are moving tonnes of dirt, every ounce of prevention counts. Doing the excavation right keeps people safe. We have a strong safety culture built on accountability for each other and everyone around us on the job.

We received our Certificate of Recognition (COR) in 1997, and continually work to maintain our exemplary safety record.

Everything rests on your excavation, so we do it in a way that sets up the entire project for success.

An example is Quick Trench, a faster, safer way to install services in new homes with minimal downtime. Our team is certified to self-inspect the service allowing operators to backfill immediately, and that can save you weeks.

  1. Sewer trench prepared and inspected.
  2. Bedding gravel placed under the pipes.
  3. The deep service cage set in place.
  4. Services are connected and inspected by our journeyman plumber.
  5. Crushed gravel is placed on top.
  6. The operator then backfills and compacts the trench.

How Quick Trench saves you time and money


  • One call to the installing contractor for scheduling, installation and inspection.


  • Trenching, installation and backfill can be completed in the same day.
  • No lost time waiting for inspections and backfill as both can be handled by the excavator.
  • As soon as the excavation equipment leaves the site, the site is ready for footing installation.
  • Re-excavation of the trench due to sloughing is no longer required.

Top quality

  • Increased quality of installation due to more stringent installation standards.


  • A certified trench cage is used by the installation crew where required by WH&S regulations.
  • Reduced risk of someone falling into the trench as the trench is not open for the standard 10 – 14 days between excavation and backfill.
  • Open trench is not exposed to the elements for days prior to installation of the services.

Reduced costs

  • Fill from the trench can be re-used for trench backfill.

Quick Trench will save you time and money, while keeping quality and safety standards high. Call to find out more.