The skills required for proper remediation and reclamation go far beyond just taking the contaminated dirt to the dump. Keystone has extensive experience with a wide variety of remediation projects throughout Alberta, developing the deep expertise to handle any task.

We also have experience working in disaster zones, delivering a fast, focused and efficient response to save people and property.

Keystone Environmental Safety Work Practices

We protect the environment during all stages of earthwork management. Our procedures and practices were developed through extensive consultation with municipal and provincial agencies and government regulatory bodies.

  • Ongoing monitoring of work areas for hazardous spills and proper cleanup, reporting any spills over 5L to Alberta Environment
  • Site cleanup of debris, rubble and garbage prior to excavation and backfill
  • Sediment and erosion control. On site awareness and action plans for water/storm sewer intakes, catch basins and drainage culverts
  • Roadway/sidewalk cleanup of clay/fill/loam once job has been completed
  • Timely control, cleanup and disposal of previously buried and located contaminated clay/fill/loam
  • RSTS training for all employees and sub-contractors
  • All vehicles equipped with up-to-date Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for all controlled products

Remediation and Reclamation Projects

  • Tank Removal – Shepard Lagoon (2015)
  • Mr Lube Underground Storage Tanks Removal (2015)
  • Jiffy Lube Underground Storage Tanks Removal (2015)
  • Granum Gas well pads reclamation (2015)
  • Soil Remediation Program – Nichols Environmental (2014)
  • Caron Transport Soils Removal/Replacement (2014)
  • Site Restoration of Bow River Dirt Haul (2013)
  • Environmental Cleanup Edmonton –
  • Nichols Environmental (2012)
  • Big Hill East Reservoir (2011)

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